Emily Collier

Atmospheric and Cryospheric Scientist [B.Sc. Ph.D.]

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BAYWRF: a convection-resolving, present-day climatological atmospheric dataset for Bavaria

Climate impact assessments require information about climate change at regional and ideally also local scales. In dendroecological studies, this information has traditionally been obtained using statistical methods, which preclude the linkage of local climate changes to large-scale drivers in a process-based way. As part of recent efforts to investigate the impact of climate change on…

The Influence of Tropical Cyclones on Circulation, Moisture Transport, and Snow Accumulation at Kilimanjaro During the 2006–2007 Season

Tropical cyclones represent an important component of intraseasonal atmospheric variability in the southwest Indian Ocean, and their landfall can be devastating to coastal communities. However, little is known about their impact on precipitation in the high‐elevation regions of East Africa. Here we combine in situ measurements from the summit of Kilimanjaro and subkilometer atmospheric modeling…